Sunday, January 29, 2012


yes that is a made up word, but I don't mind...

For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.
Romans 11:36

46. making a new friend
47. a little boy learning to talk
48. caring boys that help me rest
49. a baby in the womb kicking his brother on the outside
50. blue
51. brothers that pray for each other
52. bear hugs
53. a husband that cares about my health
54. free paint
55. project ideas
56. finishing painting a room
57. a sunny day
58.prayers from friends
59. buying valentine gifts
60. needed curtains on sale
61. another room almost finished
62. sparkly shoes
63. finding an item that fits
64. new nail polish
65.a few hours to sleep in the morning after no sleep at night
66. enjoying french toast with the family
67. boys enjoying food I made them
68. a daddy playing catch with his son
69. a family that loves seeing each other
70. re-purposing things around the house
71. yogurt parfaits
72. little boys jokes
73. new furniture find
74. laughing
75. a family date



  1. I love it when #3 kicks his brothers from the inside! One of my favorite things :)

  2. This is a wonderful list and I love the picture. You all look so happy! You have a beautiful smile!

    1. Thank you! I tend to light up with my family.

  3. Nice picture. And I love no. 64 :-)

    1. It's pink for valentine's day. :)

  4. Family dates, family dates! Oh, and I must say even though I don't spend a lot, Valentine gift buying is pretty darn fun.

    1. It is! I found Star War candy boxes for my boys. It may not be much to others, but my oh my, candy and Star Wars, my boys will for sure be my Valentines!

  5. i luv it! this is started my day off with a huge smile! #51 just melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. my little guy always prays for a baby brother, just last night we were at a mexican food retuarant and they have a water fountain and we always throw a penny in and make a wish. This time was no different and he after he threw his in he wanted another to make another wish so i gave him my penny. I whispered "wish for a baby brother and sister" he said "i already did". I told him "oh ok well wish for anything you want" he whispered "I wish for another one!" luv his little heart. and sounds like your little guys have that same heart - isn't it wonderful being their momma?