Thursday, January 12, 2012

I bet you didn't know...

Since I just started this blogging thing, oh less than 3 weeks ago, there are a lot of things you don't know about me. But here are 5 random things just for fun!

1. I am incredibly funny.

okay, so I might think I am funnier than I am, but seriously, I say all the funny things and my husband gets all the laughs when he repeats me.

2. I have random songs in my head... like a lot

I don't listen to much music these days, so the songs that get stuck in my head are mostly from when I was in high school over 10 years ago. And most of them are not even close to appropriate enough to sing out loud with my children around

3. I listened to inappropriate music in high school

I repented... moving on :)

4. I talk to myself

I have just recently caught myself doing this. I might have caught myself doing this in public, oops. Sorry people I am the crazy pregnant lady with too many kids to keep sane.

5. I think I know people from their blogs

so this one is really embarrassing. Sometimes when I am having conversations with real life friends I am about to say something about someones blog talking as if I was apart of the bloggers life. Luckily I am shy and think about things before I talk, so I don't sound too crazy most of the time.

I am linking up with Abbie, but I would love to get to know you a little better. You can leave a comment with random things about yourself or leave a link to your blog or post in a comment. Looking forward to getting to know more about you!


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  1. I kind of agree with you on number 5!! I don't have a post up yet by which you can totally get to know me, but I will have one very soon. It's already done. :) It'll be called "My Story"!

  2. who didn't listen to inappropriate music in high school? hehe!

    1. I guess if that's what I think is "rebellious" then I wasn't too bad, right?! :)

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! And, I am incredibly funny too! Because the same thing happends to me. I will say something witty or clever to my husband. He won't laugh. Then, he will say the exact thing I said to someone else, and they will crack up!!! So not fair.

    Anyway, let me introduce myself. I run a fairly new blog too at and I linked up with Abbie as well. Nice to meet you.

  4. Lol I talk to myself nonstop! Especially when I'm at work. It's really interesting to be around me at that time.