Monday, February 13, 2012


3 gifts found outside
"Christmas" tree in our backyard
seeing my son talk with a friend on the bus
the birds that fly from our deck to our tree

3 gifts red
a shirt that fits
the wrapping of a Valentine package
the car on my sons stained shirt that he just adores

a gift broken
my boys well loved Bible

a gift fixed
things put back where they can be used

a gift thrifted
a tie for my husband

3 gifts that were surprises
a new dishwasher
an extra good night hug from my son
a friend opening up
3 times you heard laughter today
my boys playing together
my husband being funny
my son singing his "hahaha" song

3 gifts found in working
a job completed
a clean house
a closer relationship

3 hard eucharisteos
plans that went awry today
praying for family that doesn't know the Lord
seeing people go through hard times

May you be blessed this week!



  1. thank you for your kind words today! it makes it much easier. when is #4 going to be here? my favorite of your blessings today is: the car on my sons stained shirt that he just adores

    i luv the beauty of such innocense,thank you for sharing!

  2. I want to hear the "HaHaHa" song! Totally excited to meet another mom who is a member of the "Mom with 3 sons+ club" (No girls allowed)! What an incredible journey you are living!

    (my wordpress blog is always having trouble leaving comments with blogger - so I have to resort to google:)