Monday, February 20, 2012

more counting

I had mentioned last week about my selfishness and of course not by surprise as soon as my attitude changed, my day changed. Thank you to those that prayed and encouraged me!

122. an extra day off with my oldest and husband
123. a family Valentines Day

124. new appliances

125. a hard working husband
126. finding something on super sale! seriously it was 85% off
127. a Daddy reading to his son

128. buying groceries
129. singing with my boys
130. boys silly games
131. tools
132. family buying plane tickets to visit when the baby comes
133. a lunch out with Daddy
134. special snacks
135. new haircuts on the boys
136. heat for our house
137. a dinner prepared by my husband
138. the most joyful little boy in the morning
139. boys that start everyday with "Bible Time"
140.a practical yet challenging message at church
141. funny moments that only pregnancy can bring
142. helping friends
143. family learning night at my son's school
144. another week of baby growing inside of me
145. God's constant transforming of my heart!



  1. i luv it! congrats on the new appliances. and #154 isn't it so wonderful how great He is?!?!

  2. These are such wonderful additions to your list. I love them all.

  3. I love when my boys have fresh haircuts! Glad to see it made your list! You boys will like to read these one day