Sunday, February 5, 2012

still counting

76. having the luxury of food aversions
77. girly nails

78. unthinkable prayer answered in the same day
79. being met where I am
80. having a washer and dryer in my home
81. hot showers
82. 7 year old jokes
83. a routine appointment with no issues
84. my husband's job
85. having energy and ability to clean
86. my husband's leadership in tough decisions
87. fresh produce
88.fever reducer for my 2 year old
89. extra cuddles through a fever
90. a sign language "I love you" from my 5 year old
91. beautiful sunny days
92. a weekend with 2 walks to the park
93. little boys wrestling
94. redemption Sunday for my 2nd grader
95. my son maturing right before my eyes
96. my stomach that keeps moving from side to side
97. a fun treat with my family
98. living for someone higher than me
99. a weekend spent with my loves
100. these boys



  1. Yay! So happy you're still doing this. I get to catch up on a couple every now and then. I have a friend who's entire family is deaf, except for him. Their children already know so much sign language in talking with their relatives. It's just about the sweetest story ever.

    1. That is so cool. I only know a few words, but I would love to learn more!

  2. i luv how you are keeping this going. too often we only think every once in a while of the things we are grateful for. I think i'm going to incorporate this on my blog if you don't mind me copying you! thanks for your sweet words of encouragement, they are a huge source of comfort and calm.

    1. Feel free to copy me, I am just copying 100+ people. :) You are always so kind and encouraging, too bad we don't live close to each other so we could hang out!

  3. I love reading about what people are grateful for. It reminds me of all the things I have to be grateful for. So often, we take so much for granted. This is a good reminder. Thank you! I wrote you back on my blog too. :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your prayers!

  4. Popped in from Ann's. I have boys too! Loved your list. Also grateful to be living for someone higher. Blessings from Jakarta.