Monday, March 12, 2012

any day now???

Well in theory, I guess it could be any day, but just knowing that I am now 37 weeks and considered full term is so encouraging!

I am so incredibly thankful for amazing ladies that blessed me and baby with a baby shower this past weekend. With this being baby 4, I am humbled and blessed that we are surrounded by people that love and support us though everything! It was a fun night just hanging out with the girls, eating, praying for my family, being beyond spoiled with baby stuff, and ending the night watching the so great but ever so realistic, Father of the Bride Part II. I had a great time and it was perfect refreshment for this tired mama!

I had the perfect shirt to wear for the occasion, but when I put it on... let's just say being 3 weeks away from your due date and a shirt that cinches, not a good combination, AT ALL! So I had to improvise with the few things I have that fit. The outfit fit, but what I was most excited about was wearing jewelery that my husband gave me when we were dating. It was so fun to think about how much life we have been blessed to live together these past 10 years.

201. each and every friend that came to my baby shower
202. a time of prayer over my family
203. wearing earrings and necklace from my husband for my 19th birthday, worn to celebrate our growing family.
204. a Sabbath
205. clothes for my family to keep warm in the cold
206. inspiring and clear message at church
207. clearer perspective
208. a new way to play Jenga
209. a backyard to play in
210. a break in the rain for the boys to play outside
211. a very excited soon to be kindergartner at kindi orientation
212. a two year old "reading"
213. every time my youngest sees a school bus he thinks his older brother is on it, even when they are together.
214. one week closer to meeting this baby
215. an adoption for our pastor's family in Uganda approved
216. the 'picture' of God being our Father
217. being able to sit somewhat comfortably through a church service
218. a relaxing breakfast out
219. more projects completed
220. opportunities to train my children
221. food that nourishes and tastes good
222. bringing out baby clothes that each boy has worn
223. a husband that does so much to help my being able to do less
224. sweet boys that talk to their brother not yet born
225. my 7 year old reading to his 2 year old brother and teaching his 5 year old brother math



  1. These are wonderful blessings. It must be such an exciting time waiting for your new little one. Your jewelry is so pretty.

  2. Oh i love that movie!! How awesome are your friends to throw you a shower?! Can't wait to see how cute your little man is!!

  3. such wonderful memories made and remembered! the Holy Spirit is moving, messages have been coming full force lately for us as well. praying for you and your family for a wonderful delivery. and yay to such wonderful friends to celebrate such a miracle from above!

  4. lovely necklace…I LOVE pearls! So glad you entered my giveaway!