Monday, April 23, 2012

some randoms

This past weekend the weather was sunny here! I know it has been spring in other parts of the country for awhile, but here in the Pacific Northwest a warm sunny day in spring is not always the norm.

My husband worked Saturday morning, but when he got home we decided to brave the crowds and went to the zoo. It was an almost miracle, we found parking in the main parking lot! It was the littlest man's first zoo experience... I don't think he was too impressed.

We also got a table and chairs for our deck so we can enjoy meals outside when the weather is nice. Eventually we will need to get an umbrella, seeing our sandwich bread almost got toasted from the sun beating down. Oh the price you pay for the funness of eating outside, troublesome, I know.

I spend a lot of time with littlest man on my lap. I LOVE that he is small enough to lay on my lap and fit perfectly. These pictures were taken in the span of maybe 2 minutes, he is learning to chew his fingers, not really suck them though.

Today is going to be the last day of sun, before the rain is supposed to start again. I am so glad we were able to enjoy it while it lasted!



  1. Here in CO we get sunshine like 330 days a year…it's wonderful…but our sandwich bread is always toasting : )

    Love those little baby faces!!!

  2. our weather has been beautiful too! usually we have about 3 wks of spring and then it's hotter than hades, but this year i think we might get a little longer spring than usual!