Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my son's pick

Wow, where did this past week go?!

 Oh yeah, taking care of this guy... and my other three. I forgot how fast days go by with a newborn! How blessed I am!

This weekend I went to a baby shower. I was super excited to have a reason to wear a dress that my oldest son picked out for me.

Orange is his favorite color. I love the detail at the bottom of the dress.

We also had a picnic lunch outside and last minute decided to do a little gardening. To show how amateur we are, this is what I wore pulling weeds.

Maybe next time I should know to dress a little better for the job.

Having a new little one is so beyond amazing! His brothers are just loving on him! I did forget how, umm let's say, crazy emotional one can be while hormones are adjusting. My poor, awesome husband has been so supportive and kind through my adjustment. I tell you, I am blessed!!


pleated poppy


  1. Hahah cute outfits! No matter how impractical it might have been for pulling weeds. Your son has quite the little eye. Love that dress!

  2. Love the orange color - looks great on you!! Love what you garden in too....and girl who gardens in pearls is fab in my book!!

  3. Can I just say how great you look for just having a baby!! Your son did a great job picking out your dress. It's adorable on you.
    ~Christy (

  4. Darling outfit! Can't believe you just had a baby! He's a cutie!! :)

  5. You are always adorable! That orange is your color. Your son did good!

  6. how sweet! thanks for the update, i was wondering how lil guy and bigger guys and momma and daddy were doing. orange is definitely your color! and yes hormones are crazy arent they!? awesome to have hubsters that luv us thru it huh?

  7. I love the dress with the boots, the color is so pretty on you. And you look so amazing for just having a baby. And what a CUTE little baby he is. I have two little boys myself, and I always love finding fellow Mom-of-boys blogs. I'm your newest follower.

    Happy Thursday to you.

  8. i LOVE those boots!! And orange looks amazing on you!

  9. Wait a minute. YOU JUST HAD A BABY?! You look amazing..and your son picked a great dress! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

    Christine @ Park House Love