Wednesday, October 24, 2012

hello there

It has been awhile. I may have mentioned before I have gone back and forth about even having a blog, but today I feel like having one, ha! So time for an update.

My oh my how time has been flying! My little newborn baby has somehow turned into a six almost seven month old, I do not understand how that is possible. He is the sweetest little guy around. His older brothers still refer to him as "cutie little baby." They are in love, as are my husband and I.

his smiles and giggles are. too. much.

My 2 year old is curious as ever! He loves exploring and figuring out how to do things on his own. He is never afraid to be himself, he dances and sings as loud as he can, even in the quietest of places. Oh the joy and laughter he brings to our home.

always exploring something

I now have an official kindergartner! WHAT??? Seriously, it is not a joke when they say to take it all in, because it goes all too fast. He is loving school, he always runs off the bus ready to tell me all about his day and all he learned. My heart just melts when he talks with me, these special conversations bless this mama's heart!

My oldest is in third grade! My husband and I help out at the youth group at our church, and are in disbelief that he will be in the youth group in just a few short years. This boy has a heart of gold. His awareness of others feelings humbles me daily, the lessons he teaches me. 

My partner in crime, the strong leader of this family, the hard working, generous, loving, most amazing father and husband, oh and did I mention super hot?! I sometimes feel guilty I get the best one around, although I am sure many of you ladies would beg to differ. Really though, sometimes I feel like I am in a movie, the part where the guy is playing with kids and the girl is watching and falling even more in love with him. Am I alone in picturing my life as a movie?!

And a quick little bit about what I have been up to, I think my word of the year is going to be "refining" Always good, sometimes hard. I have been having fun trying to figure out my new style, with being in my 30's now, ha! 

All these pictures are from about a month ago. The weather now is rainy, windy, and perfect for fall, but it's nice to look back at what it was like on a perfect sunny fall day. 


pleated poppy


  1. Good to hear from you! You are so pretty!!

    And no, I feel like I am living in a movie as well :)

    Love the pics of those sweet kiddoes!

  2. oh so good to 'hear' you again! i've been missing you! i cant believe how big littlest is!! and no you aren't alone in feeling like you are in a movie with a hunka hunka that is as good a hubby as he is a father. isn't it nice?

  3. You should definitely blog because you're so good at it! Such a beautiful family, you look so happy together. :)