Thursday, November 29, 2012

a golden birthday

Earlier this month my son turned 6 on the 6th. I had mentioned in passing to him that it was his "Golden Birthday" he was so excited at the thought of an extra special birthday! Anytime he would see something that was gold he would light up and say. "Mom, this would be perfect for my golden birthday party!" The pressure was on!

Luckily kids have great imaginations and can make something simple into something extraordinary. I shared some of my plans for the party. I knew they were lofty goals. I was so busy trying to get things finished by the time everyone got here I wasn't able to get any pictures of the decorations... so we can pretend it looks just as great as my inspiration!

he wanted a gold 6

The theme was a 'golden ticket' Willy Wonka party. We did our best with our 'costumes...'

I am a grown up Veruca Salt and my sweet boy is Charlie

Mike Teavee

not dressed up but look who's trying to crawl!

these two didn't dress up either, but they are both nice to look at!

I love how all kids huddle over the gifts, always makes me smile!

Happy Birthday sweet sweet boy, you are truly a gift from the Lord! You bring joy and laughter everywhere you go, Daddy and I are so amazed by you and proud of you!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made
psalm 139:14


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

waaaay outside of my box

I am not the most daring of people, especially when it comes to how I dress. I see so many cute things and even different type things that look so cute on other people, and instantly think, "oh, I could never pull that off!"

So after a few years (it takes awhile for my courage to build) I got... bootie boots! Yes people, this is BIG news!!!

I am even wearing a snake print necklace, ha!

my boy that loves to get in on pictures, I'll take cuddles where I can get them!

So there you have it, things are getting crazy around here! 


pleated poppy