Wednesday, December 19, 2012

christmas decorating

This is our second Christmas in this house. When we were looking for a home to buy, secretly during each tour I would look around to see where a Christmas tree would look best. We have a front room with a bay window that looks onto the street, which of course would be a perfect place for a tree, but our fireplace is in our family room, which of course is a perfect place for a tree...

Last year my husband blessed his pregnant wife and we got 2 trees! This year I was torn between what to do, I had since rearranged the family room and there was no spot for a real tree. The week of Thanksgiving we received an ad for the hardware store and I found the perfect compromise, a little pre-lit, artificial tree. 

the boys decorated it all by themselves...

I had a  lot of fun things planned for the mantle, but just didn't have the time to get it done. I am good at copying other's ideas, so when i saw this blog post I knew I had all the supplies and now the pattern, so I recreated it, and made a chalkboard frame to go with it.

our little manger

my boys also decorated this pre-made (which made things way easier) gingerbread house.

our formal dining room

my husband made me this table!

And here is our big tree, not in the front of the window...

Our banister got a little decoration too.

my boys art from school

This year felt more like makeshift decorating, but I don't mind. Not that I am all bah humbug or anything, ha, I am just really appreciating the making of the memories. Every year I will know this house even better and the decorations can get even better, and maybe my kids won't be sick, so I can actually make it to the craft store for supplies, ha!

The real reason for the season is Jesus and celebrating his birth! I am especially grateful for the gift of salvation!!

Do you have any traditions or special decorations around your home?


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